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Make your own way into
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Make Your Own Way into the Industry

This programme was designed to create industry leaders passionate about pursuing a long-term professional career in the Luxury Yacht Industry.

Each of the courses were meticulously written and prepared by industry professionals with vast knowledge and experience within the Luxury Yacht Industry. This E-Learning programme is guaranteed to give you an in-depth understanding of the entire operations of each department on a yacht, to prepare you for a successful start to your career and put you a step ahead of the rest. Completing these courses equips you with the fundamental knowledge required to realistically consider pursuing a professional yacht career. 

It is not just another E-learning programme which will give you just a certificate. Instead, it is intense and challenging as it was designed to forge industry leaders passionate about every aspect of their luxury yacht career. It gives an in-depth understanding of all opportunities and career paths available in the Luxury Yachting Industry. We want to break down the barrier to entry into the Luxury Yacht Industry and attract people who are serious about a professional career. 

Participants have 12 months from the date of purchase to complete all courses. It is, however designed to be self-paced and can be completed as quickly as they like. 

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Why should you sign-up today?

  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Completion certificate
  • 164+ lessons across 7 modules
  • Bonus reference material
  • Stream anytime, anywhere
  • Self-paced, online training
  • Get a step ahead of your peers
  • Test your knowledge across all departments
  • No Risk - Limitless access to each module before
    completing the final course exam
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Recognised by reputable
Crew Agents

With a completion certificate from PCCP, newcomers demonstrate to Crew Agents that they have given a lot of consideration and thought to joining the industry and which job role they would be best suited to.  

PCCP is working with the Crew Agent community to promote participants who have completed the PCCP E-Learning, providing access to a broader range of career opportunities.

Crew of a superyacht completing safety training in immersion suits and life jackets

Complete your Mandatory Certifications

Fulfil the following mandatory requirements to join the industry:
  • Complete your STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Obtain your ENG1 Medical Certificate
  • Complete paperwork for a Schengen Visa

Easily find the courses you need in your region using the

Academy by Ephemeris Course Finder Tool
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Make your way to the Industry

As the industry continues to expand, it is flooded with individuals looking to start a career. Aspiring yacht professionals can distinguish themselves as proactive and well-prepared candidates, fostering a smoother and safer transition into the dynamic and competitive world of yachting. 

Know Your Industry Options – Learn More

If you are not sure about starting a long-term career in the Luxury Yacht Industry, access the world’s most comprehensive and succinct career guidance tool here, and find out what to do, when to do it, and where to do it, at your own pace.

Click here to find out more.

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Progressive Crew Career Programme - Completion Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If you do the online E-Learning and achieve the Fully Paid 3-Year Superyacht Apprenticeship: all qualifications are internationally recognised.
2. If you do the online E-Learning and participate in the Safe Passage to the Industry Programme: all prerequisite qualifications are internationally recognised.
3. If you do the online E-Learning and achieve the Completion Certificate recognised by the Crew Agents: the Crew Agents we promote you to are international and specialise in placing crew on yachts around the world.
The E-learning programme was designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the entire operations of each department on a luxury yacht, to ensure you know precisely what it takes to run a vessel, and to equip you with the knowledge for making an informed decision about entering the industry.
If you fail to complete the online certificate, you can access the world’s most comprehensive and succinct career guidance tool and find out what to do, when to do it, and where to do it, at your own pace. To find out more Click here to sign up today.
If you have completed the E-Learning, there are three avenues available to you:
  1. The opportunity to be selected for the 3-Year Apprenticeship Program with employment on a yacht and a salary.
  2. The opportunity to participate in the Safe Passage to the Industry Programme.
  3. The opportunity to send your Completion Certificate to a Crew Agent who will assist you in finding a job once you have obtained the following:
    • STCW (Basic Safety Training)
    • ENG1 (Medical Fitness Certificate)
    Please visit Academy by Ephemeris to guide you if you want more information regarding the above.
If you do not complete the course within 12 months of enrolling, you can purchase it again and are welcome to do it as many times as you like, within the next 12 months.
Once you have purchased the course, it is non-refundable and is valid for 12 months.
You have unlimited access to each module. If you take a course test and fail, you can still continue with all the other modules. It is important to review the courses as often as necessary to ensure that you are confident in your ability to write the exam and pass it.
You will need a good internet connection and a laptop, tablet or phone. Streams require a bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps, with a supporting browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

All devices that run iOS 9 +
Those are:
All mobile devices from iPhone 4s +
All iPads from iPad 2 +
All iPad mini devices
All iPod touch devices of the 5th generation and higher.

All devices that run Android 5 +
You can redo the course package as many times as you want. Our goal is to attract determined, hardworking people to this industry. But, first, you must repurchase the E-Learning bundle to redo and improve your overall score. Courses cannot be individually purchased and completed.
Any person of any age.

Completion Certificate Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Achieving the Completion Certificate demonstrates to Crew Agents that you have given a lot of consideration and thought to joining the industry and which job role you are best suited to, and the PCCP team will promote you to participating and MLC compliant Crew Agents.
The Crew Agents will assist you with getting your career started, by guiding you to ensure you have all the correct documents/certificates and training to start a successful career, and by putting you forward for employment opportunities.
No, Crew Agents are regulated by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) which mandates that crew cannot be charged any fees by Crew Agents.