Safe Passage to The Yachting Industry

What is the Safe Passage Programme?

This programme bridges the gap between aspiring individuals and successful yachting careers, specifically targeting those with no prior experience. Recognising the challenges “greenies” face in a competitive industry equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to become a valuable crew member.

Instead of expensive, unrewarding job hunting, the programme empowers you to hit the ground running with practical experience desired by captains and department heads. While industry certifications hold value, hands-on experience reigns supreme, and the programme prioritises that over generic training courses that gain weight only with actual time spent onboard.

Crew member teaching a yachting apprentice about hoisting sails

Who is The Safe Passage Programme for?

The Safe Passage Programme is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in entering the yachting industry but have no prior experience. It caters to those passionate about yachting but may feel discouraged by the challenges newcomers face, like high competition and difficulty securing a first job without experience. If you’re eager to get your foot in the door and gain the practical skills needed to succeed in this industry, then this programme is ideal for you.

Yacht deckhand preparing mooring lines

What are the benefits of the programme?

Gain practical experience: It provides opportunities to work on an actual yacht, giving you a clear advantage over other inexperienced candidates. The programme specifically addresses the challenge of “greenies” lacking the hands-on experience employers desire when looking for work onboard a yacht.

Learn Maritime Fundamentals: Receive comprehensive training in maritime terminology, operational procedures, and vessel maintenance, ensuring you're well-prepared for any situation.

Increase your chances of getting hired: With practical experience and relevant knowledge, you become a more attractive candidate to crew agents, captains and department heads who often prioritise experience over unnecessary certifications.

Onboard Conduct: Learn proper etiquette, teamwork, and communication skills to excel as a valued crew member.

Cultural Experience: Gain international experience by working across diverse environments and cultures, expanding your adaptability and understanding.

Deck crew scrubbing teak on a luxury yacht

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Complete the online PCCP E-Learning and apply for the programme.

Before setting sail, get your STCW & ENG1 medical certificates, plus the relevant Visa. Dive into the industry with the 28-Day Work Experience, acquiring practical skills. Meet crew agents directly, opening doors to your dream job. Secure your first yachting role, gain experience, and save for advanced certifications.


Completing the PCCP E-Learning is a powerful first step, demonstrating your seriousness and foundational knowledge. But what truly makes you stand out? Real-world experience on a luxury yacht, which you achieve through the safe passageway programme. This invaluable hands-on training sets you miles ahead of inexperienced candidates, proving you’re ready to hit the ground running and contribute from day one.