Go your own way

If the Apprenticeship or Safe Passage Programme isn't what you're seeking and you prefer an independent entry into the industry, this route is perfect for you.

Your initial step on this independent journey involves enrolling and completing the PCCP E-Learning Programme. Then, acquire the minimum requirements, such as basic safety training and ENG1 certification, and connect with our crew agent community to help secure your first job in the luxury yachting industry.

Deck crew scrubbing teak on a luxury yacht

Why do I need to do the PCCP E-Learning?

The E-learning programme was crafted to provide you with comprehensive insight into the operations of each department on a luxury yacht. It aims to ensure you grasp the intricacies of the various roles onboard and empower you to make well-informed decisions about entering the yachting industry.

Obtaining a completion certificate from PCCP, along with the minimum requirements, signals Crew Agents that newcomers have thoughtfully contemplated entering the industry and pinpointed their most fitting job roles.

Yacht stewardesses completing safety training in immersion suits

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete the PCCP E-learning to understand the expectations of working onboard a luxury yacht, identify your desired role, and determine if a career in the industry aligns with your long-term goals.

Next, acquire the minimum requirements:
  • STCW
  • ENG1 or equivalent
  • Relevant Visa

You may choose to pursue additional courses. However, for first-time entrants, accumulating excessive certifications that may not be immediately relevant for your first experience at sea is often unnecessary.

Regardless of your approach, this pathway is tailored for independent entry into the industry.

PCCP partners with the Crew Agent community to support participants who have completed the PCCP E-Learning, giving them access to a broader range of career opportunities.

Deck crew member chamoising stainless steel preparing for guests

Long Term Strategy

The objective is to finish E-Learning and fulfil the minimum requirements. Then, connect with a crew agent to secure your first contract and start earning. This way, when you return home during your break, you’ll clearly understand your next steps regarding training and certification, along with the necessary funds readily available to continuously upskill and grow your career in yachting.

FREE Resources

Here are several helpful tools for navigating the luxury yachting industry independently as a crew member.

FREE Yachting CV BuilderSpecially designed to help you create a professional yachting CV tailored to the industry.

Academy by EphemerisUse it to navigate what training courses you need. Depending on the stage of your superyacht career journey, you need to know where to do it and secure your upc from start to finish in your chosen career path onboard yachts.