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Where your yachting journey becomes effortless

You’ve just finished your PCCP E-Learning and earned your certificate of completion, but feeling unsure about what comes next? Let Academy by Ephemeris be your personal guide as you navigate your next steps in the yachting industry.

Now that you have completed your PCCP E-Learning and have your completion certificate in hand you will need mandatory certifications like an STCW and ENG1 medical. Academy by Ephemeris makes it hassle-free. Find providers that match your schedule, location, and budget.

Perhaps you are unsure if Deck, Interior, or Engineering is your ideal career path? No worries! Academy by Ephemeris offers clear insights into different career paths, helping you make informed decisions based on your newfound PCCP E-Learning knowledge.

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As you embark on your journey and advance in your luxury yachting career, Academy by Ephemeris remains a constant source of direction. Feel confident as you plan, budget, and secure your next training courses conveniently and suitable for your career goals onboard a yacht. Plus, you can conveniently enquire about and book courses directly through their platform.

Academy by Ephemeris is more than just directions. They provide a clear roadmap for your career. Whether you’re interested in Deck, Engineering, or Interior positions, they show you exactly which courses to take next.

No more wasting money on unnecessary certifications - invest in courses that matter!

Whether you are completing your apprenticeship, taking the safe passage route, or going solo, Academy by Ephemeris is your tool at every stage. Their personalised guidance tool helps you fulfil your training needs from any angle from which you decide to approach the yachting industry.

With the PCCP completion certificate and the opportunity for growth, Academy by Ephemeris stands out as a reliable source of guidance and support, shedding light on the path to a successful yachting career.

The all-in-one platform offers e-learning courses, books, tools and many in-person courses that can be booked and paid for directly through the platform, which is safe and secure.

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